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A few words to the followers

((So! I apologize for the timing here but I thought we’d have a little talk. I’ve gotten multiple complaints about the way I draw zacharie, and that it isn’t canon and blah blah whatever. 
First of all, NOTHING about this blog is canon. AT ALL. So get off your high horse and stop complaining. Second, this blog is solely for entertainment. I draw zacharie the way I do because 1. It’s easy and has a good look to it 2. It’s funnier. 
I guarantee half my jokes wouldn’t be as funny if the teller was a veiny hairy squat little thing. No offense to zacharie, I adore his original design, I just don’t feel that it fits here. 
You can complain all you like, but it really comes down to if you chose to follow this blog or not. If the way I draw Zacharie physically brings you discomfort and upsets you, then unfollow me. No one said you HAD to follow this blog. I honestly didnt expect it to get as popular as it did. 
Also, last but not least, there are many interpretations of Zacharie, and I’m sorry to say, but everybody has a right to their opinion. So whether he’s a veiny hairy chubby frog thing, or a tiny cute shota thing, in the end it doesn’t matter because he is literally a videogame pixel character. He’s not even the MAIN character. And I’m sorry that the world doesn’t revolve around you and what you want, and I’m sorry that you felt the need to put all that effort into complaining and sending an ask blog solely made for entertainment, /hate/. 
That’s all I needed to say. As for the rest of you lovelies, this blog is approaching 2k followers! Golly, you folks are wonderful. I will draw you all a thing when it gets there. Cheers!


  1. silentbuffalo said: Man, you don’t need to apologize or feel bad for drawing and being funny. Screw those guys. (I think your blog is the bees knees)
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  3. draconiandeadnitary said: I love your blog and appreciate you not giving into everyone’s hate. Keep up the good work, I cant wait to see more! <3
  4. acodanies said: what the fuck people, is someone really complainign about this?
  5. chicky-pi said: Jeesh the OFF fandom is getting pretty insane as of late with people flaming each other about interpretations of characters. And who goes with who.
  6. altairrr said: people actually.. complained about that…? thats really stupid jfc.
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